Zinc Sulfate (5 LB)


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Zinc is an activator and component of several enzymes, including Fructose-6-phosphate a metabolite used in the synthesis and catalyzation of glycolysis which is an important part of photosynthesis.

Zinc influences plant growth regulating hormones and proteins such as Auxin and IAA indole-3-acidic acid. Zinc is necessary for protein synthesis, membrane function, and the activation of chlorophyll synthesis for manufacturing carbohydrates.

Zinc is essential for ATP production (adenine triphosphate) the biological exchange currency of all cellular mechanics. Zinc aids and healthy root development and pathogen suppression.

Deficiency symptoms of zinc include, smaller leaf sets and stunted plants, yellow or chlorotic striping, older and middle leaves may display chlorotic spotting or necrosis and early senescence. Zinc deficiency looks similar to iron deficiency. Soil conditions affecting zinc uptake or availability are, soils with low organic matter. High pH or light sandy soils.

Conditions that restrict root growth such a small pot, compacted or cold, wet soils. Excessive Sophie or phosphate can limit the mobilization of zinc in solution. Excessive nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium can limit zinc uptake.

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