SmartCarbon Complex Humate


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DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Add 10 mL per liter of water (30 mL per gallon)

Use bi-weekly 1-3 times during transition or as needed.

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9-9-7 NPK (transition)

SmartCarbon Complex Humate is a scientifically developed carbon based molecular formulation that contains a homogeneous mix of essential nutrients for plant growth. SmartCarbon also contains non plant food ingredients: humic and fulvic acids.

Humic and Fulvic acids have been shown to:

*Increase free living soil and rhizosphere microorganism populations.

*serve as an organic catalyst for all plant functions.

*improve trace element nutrition through chelation.

*improve the quality, flavor, color and yield of harvested crops.

*affect the release of plant nutrients by organic decomposition.

*retain exchangeable plant macro and micro elements in available form.

*improve soil physical properties.

*improve crop ability to withstand abiotic and biotic stress factors.

*increase soil carbon.

*increase soil moisture and soil water holding capacity.

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