Copper Sulfate (5 LB)


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copper is an essential plant micronutrient that activate enzymes and catalyzes reactions in several different metabolic processes. Copper is necessary for the formation of chlorophyll making it essential for photosynthesis and respiration. Cu is Important for the for the formation of lignin in cell walls, which provide support to hold plants upright. It is also important in the formation of viable pollen, seed set, and stress tolerance. Copper plays a critical role in photosynthesis, protein and carbohydrate metabolism and respiration. Copper stimulates protein formation, enhances nitrogen utilization and activates several enzymes. copper regulates the photo synthetic electron transport system and assists in the binding a free oxygen radicals which renders them harmless.

Hi soil PH, high organic matter, poorly drained and light sandy soils are all factors that reduce copper availability. Increased nitrogen can impede the movement of copper from older to new tissue growth.

High concentrations of zinc, phosphorus, aluminum, and iron in soils can suppress copper absorption by roots and aggravate copper deficiency symptoms.

Plant available forms of copper are Cu+ Cu2+


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